SIAA uses this space to share important updates with you about independent advocacy, human rights and equalities in Scotland. This news feed might include some news items that are on the public SIAA news feed, as well as news that we think will be of particular interest to members.

The members news section is also your opportunity to share developments in your organisation so please send us items that you think will be of interest to other SIAA members. To share something you can fill out the ‘Feedback and Ideas’ form or send us an email via

Staff peer support session – workplace wellbeing summary

15 June 2021

Opportunity to highlight need for independent advocacy for older people

10 June 2021

Gathering views of those under forensic mental healthcare

8 June 2021

Explore SIAA’s new ‘Independent advocacy in action’ case studies publication

7 June 2021

Changes in personnel at SIAA

4 June 2021

SIAA launch new website!

2 June 2021

SIAA staff changes

18 May 2021

AWI / Guardianship training – note of interest

10 May 2021

Reflections on SIAA peer support sessions

4 May 2021

SIAA member achievements

28 April 2021

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