The Scottish Government is hosting a series of regional forums this summer, as part of the development of the National Care Service. These local events will be held across Scotland, from June to August, and will be an excellent opportunity to hear from people with lived experience of social care support.

We would encourage you to attend these events. There will also be hosting five online events for those who cannot make it along in person.

The purpose of the events is to find out more about the unique nature of social care support in local areas across Scotland – and discuss what everyone would like to see in the future National Care Service.

Each event will be different, focusing on co-designing the National Care Service with specific sessions on the following themes:

  • information sharing to improve care support
  • keeping care support local
  • realising rights and responsibilities
  • making sure my voice is heard
  • valuing the workforce

You will have an opportunity to hear directly from local experts – whilst also taking part in design and research activities related to your own experience.

This is your opportunity to use your experience to shape the future of community health and social care in Scotland. For more information about the events and how to sign up, please visit


Online drop-in sessions before the summer regional events 2023

The team working on the NCS Programme are offering online drop-in sessions for people who are interested in registering or who have already registered to attend one of the summer regional events hosted by Scottish Government between June and August across the country.

These drop-ins will be a chance for you to ask questions about the summer events. They will be able to share more information with you about what to expect at the summer events.

All sessions will be online and will last 30 minutes. The sessions will be open in format with no cap on numbers. The chat function is available.

There will be four sessions in total. The sessions will be held on MS Teams, with one session on Zoom. The session on Zoom will have a palantypist and BSL interpreter.

The dates and links for these sessions can be found below.  Please use the link that sits underneath the drop-in session that you would like to attend and try to join a few minutes ahead of time if you are able to:

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