SIAA launched the new Peer Support Forums in April. These new sessions are held with a particular type of independent advocacy or theme, as the common thread.

One of these new forums will focus on ‘Citizen Advocacy’. This model of advocacy occurs when an ordinary citizen is encouraged to become involved with a person who might need support in the community. The citizen advocate is not paid, and the relationship is based on trust between the partner and the citizen advocate and is supported, but not influenced, by the advocacy organisation.

SIAA will hold two sessions for this forum this year. We are inviting our members to sign up to these sessions, you can find the links below. Members can use this space to discuss challenges and opportunities in Citizen Advocacy, talk about volunteer recruitment and retention and share best practices, case studies and ideas. Please note that you can join the forum, even if you do not work in Citizen Advocacy.

Furthermore, if you’d like to lead one of these sessions, please get in touch with us

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