Our work

Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance (SIAA) is a membership organisation responsible for promoting, supporting and advocating independent advocacy in Scotland.

We believe that everyone who needs independent advocacy should have access to it, and that independent advocacy must be of the highest possible quality. Our aim is to raise awareness about the value and impact of independent advocacy, and influence decision makers ultimately with a view to widen access to independent advocacy for all who need it in Scotland.

SIAA have four strategic goals that we use to shape our work and measure our impact against:

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SIAA is the only third sector national intermediary organisation for independent advocacy in Scotland. ‘Intermediaries’ are third sector organisations, whose members are mainly other third sector organisations that share a common interest or purpose. Part of our work is to represent and support those members, in SIAA’s case these members are all independent advocacy organisations. You can find out more about how intermediaries work and measure their impact in Evaluation Support Scotland’s ‘Understanding intermediaries’ impact‘ guidance.

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