SIAA uses this space to share important updates with you about independent advocacy, human rights and equalities in Scotland. This news feed might include some news items that are on the public SIAA news feed, as well as news that we think will be of particular interest to members.

The members news section is also your opportunity to share developments in your organisation so please send us items that you think will be of interest to other SIAA members. To share something you can fill out the ‘Feedback and Ideas’ form or send us an email via

SIAA member achievements

28 April 2021

Independent advocacy mentioned in key reports

12 April 2021

Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN) leaflets

26 March 2021

All Our Rights In Law: views from the wider public

20 March 2021

SIAA launch Manifesto for 2021 Scottish Parliament Elections

9 March 2021

Independent advocacy substance use group

26 February 2021

SIAA awarded ‘The Lasting Difference’ Kite Mark

20 February 2021

New Briefing Calls for Incorporation of Right to Independent Advocacy

7 February 2021

Collective advocacy event report

1 November 2019

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