The SIAA Board is responsible for the organisation’s strategic direction and governance. The Board currently has nine members, who are elected to the Board on an annual basis. Elected board members are from SIAA’s membership, and there are also several co-opted members that bring a range of expertise to the role.

Elected Board Members:

Arlene Astley

Clare Gallagher, Vice-chair

Leanne Murdoch

Muleya Mundemba

Polly Patrick, Treasurer

Tracey McFall, Chair


Co-opted Board Members:

Jill Stavert

Keith Maloney

Andy Spence-Jones


SIAA’s staff team is responsible for the organisation’s operations. You can contact staff members by emailing SIAA’s reception desk at

  • Suzanne Swinton, Chief Executive Officer
  • Rhona Willder, Development Manager
  • Daniela Rondina, Development Officer
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