The SIAA Liaison Person (SLP) will be the link between our member organisations and the SIAA.

The SLP is a key role to have more focussed and meaningful membership engagement, facilitate communication, and reduce the number of emails/information sent to managers and general information emails.

The SLP will support their organisation get the most out of their SIAA membership and help SIAA by contributing to its Strategic Goal of Relationship Building.

What does the SLP role need to do?

  • Be the main contact between their organisation and the SIAA
  • Attend the SLP induction meeting
  • Explain SIAA membership benefits to their organisation and new staff
  • Share SIAA information with co-workers within their organisations, identifying what is helpful for each role
  • Help us promote the SIAA training and peer support sessions to co-workers
  • Support SIAA’s request for members’ information within their organisation (e.g. Advocacy Map, Membership information update)
  • Help us identify opportunities within their organisation that the SIAA can promote and support
  • Feedback to SIAA comments and ideas

How do you nominate your organisation’s SLP?

We are asking our members to decide who their SIAA Liaison Person will be and sign them up here before Friday 23 June 2023.

We look forward to launching the SLP network soon, if you have any questions, please contact us

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