The Independent Advocacy Outcomes Framework Drafting group had their third meeting on February 27.

Previously, they met on January 26 and February 8.


Independent Advocacy Outcomes Framework Drafting Group Meeting 3 key discussion points

New outcomes should ‘parse’ national ones

  • The SIAA Board has done some work on this prior to the annual conference. Suzanne will share this with the drafting group.
  • Need to include an element about power imbalance.


  • We need to define what ‘improved service’ means. If it is related to the need for increased funding, it’s not something that IAOs control.
  • It might make sense to use the term ‘advocacy partner’ instead of people as this terminology has been used for the principle’s publication. It’s also more specific to the people engaging with independent advocacy.


  • The outcomes should be about advocacy organisations and groups, anything related to other organisations or services should be moved to the ‘wider community’ theme.
  • Need to address ‘equality of access’.
  • Important to decide what the organisation wants to report on to funders.
  • They should demonstrate the impact that IAOs have with the people/groups they’re working with and the quality of the work.
  • What makes good quality IA organisation?
  • Quality IA could be cultural – advocacy partners report that they are valued, welcomed and treated with dignity and respect
  • How is IA different than other service providers?
  • Potential indicators: people with lived experience on the board, commitment to the framework to measure and improve the services that are delivered, feedback evaluation loop into the services that the IAO provides, evaluating the independence of the organization.
  • Having people at the centre starts with valuing people. Treating people with dignity and respect.
  • Including PANEL principles as indicators


  • It should be easy to use and to train the wider membership.
  • It’ll be an annex to the Measuring Impact Toolkit.
  • Some of the measuring impact toolkit updated to ensure language is fitting and funders realise that indictors are suggestions
  • Importance of implementation plan after the framework is completed.

Tasks for the group

  1. Suzanne will add the mapping principles and Standards and National Advocacy Outcomes work to the Teams Channel
  2. Group will work on developing power imbalance outcome prior to next session
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