The Independent Advocacy Outcomes Framework Drafting group met again on February 8 after their initial meeting on January 26.


Independent Advocacy Outcomes Framework Drafting Group Meeting 2 key discussion points


  • Should we talk about ‘Advocacy partners’ or ‘people’? 
  • Do we mean ‘service providers’ or ‘advocacy providers’?  
  • Defining purpose – there is a need to show collective impact across Scotland. Standards are part of that, and these outcomes are about the impact of our work on people. 

 Expectation on the framework 

  • It should be simple, useful and practical – if the document needs explaining, it’s not working. 
  • New framework as a way to drill into more detail on how to report on the national outcomes. 
  • Asking IAOs to report into SIAA.  
  • The new outcomes should ‘parse’ the national ones. 
  • Maybe add organisational and community outcomes to the new drafts. 
  • There should be core indicators and indicators that organisations can pick depending on relevance – a ‘basket’ of indicators to pick from. 

 Previous/current toolkits 

  • We need to determine its relationship to already existing documents to measure quality assurance.  
  • It is important to keep what’s good from previous toolkits we’ve had/got and build on what already exists. 
  • We should build on what already exists and work from what IAOs are already reporting 


  • Holding sessions in different localities, where members can learn from each other and how to use the tool. 

 Tasks for the group 

  1. Check/map the two sets of outcomes – the new ones should ‘parse’ the national ones. There is a missing element about ‘power and control’. What would this outcome look like? 
  2. Check/add to the ‘Measuring Impact guide’ the ‘wider community’ outcomes. Currently, it only mentions ‘people’ and ‘service’ outcomes. 
  3. Finalise/agree language of the three themes. 


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