The Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance believes that, in order to create a Scotland that is equal and fair, we need to uphold the rights of marginalised people and listen to their views, opinions and voices. To ensure access to independent advocacy current legislation and policy needs to be fully implemented. The right to access independent advocacy needs to be included in relevant future policy and legislation.

SIAA would like to see:

Increased access
• Those with a statutory right to independent advocacy having access to it when they need it.

• Advocacy being available to more people without a statutory right when they need it.
• People having access to different types of advocacy; collective and individual to meet their needs.

Robust provision
• Local needs assessments carried out and strategic plans for advocacy put in place in all LA and NHS Board areas.

• Groups and individuals being involved in planning both locally and nationally.
• All advocacy organisations having a minimum three years funding cycle.

The full Manifesto can be found here – SIAA_Manifesto_2016

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