Joint statement: the Scottish Government should double the Scottish child bridging payments

SIAA has joined more than 120 groups across Scotland calling on the Scottish Government to continue to do the right thing by doubling Scottish child bridging payments.

The joint statement recognises that the Scottish Government investment in financial support for families is already making a big difference. The doubling of the payment since April has been especially timely in providing additional support to families with children under six at a time of soaring food and energy prices.

Unfortunately, families with older children are yet to benefit. The roll out of the payment to eligible over fives and the further increase to £25 a week are not due until the end of the year. Bridging payments, originally introduced to provide “equivalent” support to the child payment for at least some of those older children, have not been doubled.

We urge the Scottish Government to help bridge that gap and, at the very least, double the October and Christmas bridging payments from £130 to £260. As this would be one straightforward and effective way of getting more cash support to many of the households struggling most in the face of the cost of living crisis. It would help keep families afloat until the child payment itself is increased and fully rolled out.

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