Together has recently begun an exciting project commissioned by the Scottish Government to explore in depth the skills and knowledge required for different duty-bearers to fully implement children’s rights in Scotland.

They are now looking for applications from people to join their Professional Panel. The panel will meet monthly to help to co-design and improve the resources and training that will be available to help all workers in Scotland become children’s rights champions. The first online meeting will take place on the week beginning the 5th December.

Together is hoping to hear from professionals working in lots of different roles – in community planning, policing, the environment, housing, transport, social work and education. The panel is not just for experts on children’s rights – it will include a range of people with different levels of expertise, so that the panel can develop and test the resources for all knowledge levels.

This is an amazing opportunity to co-create the resources required to support the implementation of children’s rights in Scotland. We would like to encourage our membership to join the Panel to ensure that independent advocacy is represented in the framework.

To learn more and apply, please visit Together’s website. They are welcoming applications until 12:00 noon on Wednesday 16th November.

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