SIAA members are invited to a roundtable discussion with Scottish Government units leading on different areas of policy and legislation across Government. These policy areas have the potential to bring significant change to independent advocacy in Scotland. This is a timely and important opportunity for independent advocacy organisations to share their views on independent advocacy directly with Scottish Government. The meeting will take place on Tuesday 10 October from 2-4pm.

Meeting aim

The aim of the session is to gather information from Scottish Government about how independent advocacy is being considered in key policy areas (listed below). SIAA members will also have the opportunity to share information about the impact of independent advocacy, the importance of independent, quality and grassroots independent advocacy.

Scottish Government policy areas represented at the meeting will be:


Sign-ups and representation from SIAA membership
In order to ensure all members attending can be heard we are limiting numbers to 15, and asking that only one member of staff/board/volunteer sign up per member organisation. We are keen to ensure SIAA members are represented across different areas in Scotland, and to include organisations providing collective advocacy, citizen advocacy and individual advocacy. Therefore, we may ask for feedback from specific members to ensure representation of expertise.
Meeting platform
We have heard from several members over the last few months, some of whom are finding Zoom a challenging platform to access and others who are having issues with Teams. On this occasion we have decided to hold the meeting on Teams as Scottish Government officials cannot access Zoom on their devices. If any members have concerns about accessing Teams, please get in touch.


In order to ensure SIAA and members can make the biggest impact at the meeting we are organising a pre-meeting on Monday 9 October, 1.30-2.30pm. Please indicate whether you can attend this when you sign up.

Please sign up via the form on the events page, and we will email you login details for the Teams calls.

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