Respond to the spending review and join SCVO’s call for fair, sustainable, multi-year funding

Scotland’s spending review is the best chance the voluntary sector will have to secure the mainstreaming of multi-year funding across the Scottish and local governments. SCVO is encouraging voluntary organisations to submit their own response ahead of the 27 March deadline, or to feed in your views to their submission.

SCVO’s latest blog explains why putting in a response to the consultation is worth your organisation’s time. If this doesn’t sit within your usual policy areas of focus, please do pass this on to your finance manager, business development officer, or senior leaders, who will have a solid understanding of your organisation’s financial arrangements with the public sector.

There are several things that any organisation can do:

  1. You can respond directly to the consultation. If you’re already planning on submitting a comprehensive response, please let SCVO know and share your response (and URL) with us. We can then see how your submission might enhance that of SCVO.
  2. You can download and customise our part-filled template response to support SCVO’s calls and to add specific information about the impact of the annual funding cycle on your organisation and why government must invest for the long-term.
  3. You can share your thoughts anonymously using this short form if you cannot put your head above the parapet, which is entirely reasonable. Your needs and concerns shouldn’t be missed out and will be reflected in SCVO’s submission.
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