SIAA has published a new document, the Adults with Incapacity Resource Hub, thanks to the extensive experience and expertise of Sandra McDonald.

Sandra McDonald is an independent advisor and trainer on mental capacity issues. She was the Public Guardian for Scotland for fourteen years and has long been an advocate of independent advocacy.

The Adults with Incapacity Resource Hub is the result of a series of training sessions for independent advocates across Scotland, commissioned by the SIAA and delivered by Sandra from autumn 2019 to spring 2020.

This new publication provides specific guidance for independent advocates supporting Adults with Incapacity. It covers foundations and key topics that independent advocates need to understand when working with Adults with Incapacity. The document offers guiding questions, graphics, and examples to frame theory into practical cases.

The content explained includes Power of Attorney, public register, guardianship, AWI Act Principles, capacity, supported decision making, rights will and preference, and the use of IAs. All the material is supported by helpful appendices that provide case studies and other practical resources to better understand how independent advocacy can support Adults with Incapacity.

SIAA would like to thank Sandra McDonald for her remarkable work that will contribute to our members’ practice and understanding of Adults with Incapacity. We are also planning to offer new training sessions on this topic this year. To explore our upcoming events, you can visit our Member events section.

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