SIAA have recently been contacted by a member asking what the average CEO salary is for independent advocacy organisations. In response we’ve pulled together this short, anonymous survey asking two questions; the first is about Chief Executive pay and the second is organisation size i.e. number of full time equivalent employees.

This survey is optional for member organisations to complete. We will use any data provided to publish basic information about Chief Executive salary linked to organisation size. We hope the information will be useful for upcoming budget planning, governance and succession planning. If you are interested in more background and information about this area ACEVO (Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations) have written an article and published a report on their Pay and Equalities Survey 2023. This survey and information covers the whole of the UK and it is worth noting that in Scotland CEO pay is less than in England.

If you do wish to complete the survey please use the form below by 9 February 2024.

SIAA intend to look into this area in more depth and assess whether members would find more in depth information about pay and equalities benchmarking useful in the future. This would be a significant piece of work with a lot of data required from members. If you have any comments to share please get in touch with Suzanne

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