CAPS Independent Advocacy – “BPD Voices” booklet about personality disorder

CAPS Independent Advocacy’s collective group ‘Much More Than A Label’ have launched their booklet “BPD Voices” about personality disorders.

‘Much More Than A Label’ is a CAPS Independent Advocacy’s collective group that has shared experiences of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Collective advocacy is about bringing people who have shared experiences together to make their voices louder and stronger.

This booklet is based on their individual experiences as well as many other experiences. They were brought together through discussions, survey contributions and through the questions they were asked when they delivered ‘Much More Than A Label’ training. This booklet shares their voices, it does not provide advice.

‘Much More Than A Label’ wanted to create this resource because they have seen plenty of booklets about BPD, but none from the perspective of those with lived experience. The aim of the booklet is raising awareness, reducing stigma and providing reassurance so people have a better understanding and feel less alone.

You can find the “BPD Voices” booklet here.

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