SIAA is delighted to invite our members to the upcoming Adults with Incapacity training sessions. Led by Ex-Public Guardian Sandra McDonald, this course was considered particularly helpful by members as it is specifically tailored for independent advocates.

The course includes 2 sessions: Foundational and Advanced. You are welcome to attend both, however, if you’re only signing up to the advanced meeting, please make sure that you’re confident with all topics in the foundation session as there will be no reiteration of these.

This training is free to attend for members. We recommend signing up in advance as there are limited spaces.

You can sign up here:

Moreover, earlier this year, SIAA has published the ‘Adults with Incapacity Resource Hub‘. This publication was developed with the help of Sandra McDonald and it provides specific guidance for independent advocates supporting Adults with Incapacity. It covers foundations and key topics that independent advocates need to understand when working with Adults with Incapacity.

To find out more information about SIAA’s events, you can visit our Member events section.

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