Brian and his mum contacted an independent advocacy organisation as Brian had been asked by his deputy head to collect and sign a leaver’s form and told he could not attend the winter ball. Brian did not want to leave school and had planned to complete 5th year, so he refused the leaver’s form. He was panicked as he thought he must have been excluded.

Brian’s mum informed the independent advocate that she had been requesting additional support for Brian since his transition to high school, but that it had not been forthcoming.

The independent advocate shared information with Brian about his rights to attend and engage with education. The advocate established, from speaking to the deputy head, that Brian was not officially excluded but that the school thought it best for him to engage in college or work instead. With the support of the independent advocate, Brian was empowered to meet with the deputy head and ask why the decision to give him his leaver’s form had been taken and ask that his rights be upheld. The legal information and guidance relating to exclusion and additional support was shared with the school. Shortly after this meeting, Brian was given a new timetable with support to complete his studies. He was also delighted to attend the winter ball!

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