As part of SIAA’s Self-directed Support project, we are gathering stories from advocacy workers across Scotland. We are hoping to hear from advocates who have supported people through the Self-directed Support journey. If you, or someone in your organisation has been advocating for someone throughout their SDS journey, we would love to hear from you. We are delighted to give advocacy workers an opportunity to tell their story and if possible would also love to speak to the advocacy partner involved, although this is not always necessary if the partner is not comfortable in doing so.

All stories and case studies would certainly be welcomed. We are especially looking for stories of supporting persons in the following client groups as we have not heard any yet in these areas: Stroke survivors, Children & Young People, Carers and People with Mental Health Problems.

The aim of gathering these stories is to reinforce the message that advocacy works!

We will use the stories through out our project including in our guidelines and training for advocates, our awareness raising sessions and our research report on the value of advocacy in relation to Self-directed Support. We will of course anonymise stories where requested or necessary.

If you would like to tell us your story, please contact Barbara Brown at SIAA on 0131 556 6443 or

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