Representation and policy influencing

SIAA works with its members and other stakeholders to influence policy and legislation developed by the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament. Our aim is to raise awareness about the value and impact of independent advocacy and influence decision makers, ultimately, with a view to widening access to independent advocacy for all who need it in Scotland.

SIAA is a member of a range of different working groups and parliamentary Cross Party Groups. Cross-Party Groups provide an opportunity for MSPs from across the political spectrum, organisations and members of the public to meet and discuss a shared interest in a cause, legislation or specific issues.

SIAA regularly holds roundtables with members to inform members about current policy issues, identify emerging issues and create meaningful opportunities for engagement and participation in policy work. SIAA aims to identify different member perspectives and expertise on policy issues and communicate these views to policy and decision makers.

SIAA regularly provides responses to public consultations and calls for evidence, our work focuses on:

  • identifying where independent advocacy could help people have their voices heard, particularly those from seldom heard groups
  • adequate resourcing of current independent advocacy provision
  • identifying gaps in provision
  • explaining the importance of independence
  • discussing the impact of independent advocacy in Scotland
  • highlighting the link between independent advocacy and human rights

You can find consultation responses and briefings in our information hub.

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