Getting on track

Charlotte had various issues in her life and was getting into more and more trouble until she sought help from her local advocacy organisation.  Over time she was able to channel her negative energy into positive energy, working with her Advocate to put together a case which she was unable to do before. She says that Advocacy even kept her out of jail once.

The importance of the trusting relationship she has with her Advocate has been crucial.  With her Advocate she has learned about her own rights and gained the confidence to realise that the professionals don’t always know what is best or get it right.   She says her Advocate was ‘very supportive and kind’ as well as honest and non-judgemental and, importantly kept her confidences.

Advocacy helped Charlotte. ‘By standing up for me and supporting me when my voice wasn’t being listened to. Just by being there when you really need someone. I feel that no matter what the situation they are right there on your side. I feel I want to get up in the morning and change things, I feel more confident. I feel I can discuss things about my issues in a more informed way.’

‘Advocacy told me never to give up and to keep fighting and a job will come for me, I did that and what happened, I got a job.’

Charlotte believes that without advocacy ‘I would give up’. ‘The time and effort invested in me, it means that I am worthy as a human being. Advocacy tries and does their best and at least you know you gave it your best even if you don’t get what you want.’