Training Resources

Toolkit for Demonstrating the Impact of Independent Advocacy (November 2019)

This toolkit has been developed by the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance (SIAA) to support independent advocacy organisations across Scotland to demonstrate the impact of the work that they do.

This toolkit is intended to support you and your colleagues to gather evidence of the positive differences that independent advocacy makes to the individuals, and groups, with whom you work; as simply as possible.


Problem Drug Use training pack (2012)

The aim of the training pack is to help advocacy organisations and advocates to consider issues that may arise for those with drug problems.  A major issue shown to affect most individuals at some time is that of stigma and discrimination. (Zipped folder)


Stroke Training Pack (2011)

Independent advocacy for people affected by stroke. Designed to be delivered by someone who understands independent advocacy. It is recommended that a co-trainer, who is themselves a stroke survivor, is recruited to co-deliver the training. (Zipped folder)