Over the past two years SIAA have had the opportunity to employ interns to carry out pieces of research into;

  • the history of the development of advocacy in Scotland
  • the impact of advocacy for people with mental health problems
  • the impact of advocacy for people with learning disabilities
  • the impact of advocacy for older people
  • funding and provision of advocacy in 2013-2014
  • the impact of Collective Advocacy

SIAA had support from Third Sector Internships Scotland in identifying recruits and most recently had 4 interns working with us.

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Here’s what our recent interns have to say about interning at SIAA:

“My internship at the SIAA was an incredibly valuable experience, and it will help me pursue my desired career in the third or public sector. During half a year, I researched the impact of collective advocacy. I gained so much confidence during my internship, as I enjoyed a great degree of flexibility and freedom regarding my work and working times. It is a great feeling to oversee your own project from start to finish, and my job was very varied, as I got to design my own research, travel across Scotland, meet all kinds of people, conduct telephone interviews and more.

What is most important to me is that my work will be of real value to the work of the SIAA. The report I produced will be published and used for a variety of aims, including funding bids and demands to increase the provision of collective advocacy. To produce something with a real impact, and to get paid for it, is a very rewarding experience that many students don’t get.

During my time I met inspiring people and made great friends. I felt welcomed and was a part of the team “ I will really miss everyone. I’m going to echo the other previous interns and say: If you’re thinking about applying, do it!”

Karolina Johannesson

MA (Hons) International Relations


“My internship at the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance was without a doubt the highlight of my year. My role was to carry out research and complete the final report for the Map of Advocacy Across Scotland, a report produced every two years by the SIAA to gain a picture of the spending for advocacy in Scotland. My studies and interests have always evolved around the theme of equality and human rights, and so this opportunity to contribute meaningful research to this area was to me an invaluable experience.

The report was a lot of hard work, but upon reflection now I realise just how much I learned and achieved during my time at the SIAA. Whilst carrying out the work I worked within a friendly and supportive environment. I felt like an equal part of the team, respected, and never afraid to voice my opinion. In addition to the excellent work the SIAA produces, its uniqueness stems from the fact that it is a body which operates in line with the values it advocates, which is in my opinion a commendable and rare quality.

The initiative by Third Sector Internships Scotland to help young people gain experience in the third sector is a unique initiative and one that I can confidently say has enhanced my employment prospects, reinvigorated my enthusiasm for social change, and encouraged me to apply for PhDs in social and political sciences. Give it a go, and you might surprise yourself what you are capable of.”

Eloise Johnston


“This summer I spent ten weeks at SIAA researching the impact of advocacy on older people’s lives. I feel that both the research process and the experience of being part of the SIAA have taught me so much about advocacy and the wide range of experiences people have of it. I also feel I have learned a lot about myself and my abilities to understand and relate to people’s different experiences. I felt very close to the staff in the office and made a lot of friends. I felt supported at all times and confident to ask questions. I really enjoyed being with other interns as we were discussing our ideas or supporting each other. It was an amazing experience and a great place to work in. I will definitely miss everybody!”

Andreea Boccioaga


“I really enjoyed working at SIAA. The task of my internship was to do a research project about the role of advocacy in the life of people experiencing mental ill health. I learnt a lot about mental ill health, advocacy and the research process itself; all valuable to my future career in research.

I was given a lot of freedom to develop the project myself, but I always felt well supported, not only by my supervisor Muriel but also but everyone in the office. In terms of combining the internship with full time studying, though it was busy at times Muriel’s flexible approach made it all possible. If you’re thinking of doing an internship with SIAA through TSIS, don’t hesitate! SIAA is an organization with great people doing a great job and I know that I will bring with me my experiences and all I learnt for a long time.”

Hanna Carlsson
MA (Hons) Human Geography


“Interning at the SIAA was a great experience which taught me invaluable research skills that will be very useful for me in the future. I was given a lot of responsibility and my self-confidence grew as I managed my own project from start to finish. Everyone was very welcoming and it was a huge motivator for me to do something that was valued by the SIAA. I also got to experience many new things such as attending a cross-party group in the Scottish Parliament and I had the opportunity to travel around Scotland to conduct interviews for my research!

If you are thinking about applying “ do so, you won’t regret it!”

Karin Engstrom

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