The Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance is a membership organisation. Our members are independent advocacy organisations and groups as described in the Independent Advocacy Principles, Standards and Code of Best Practice (2019).

Independent advocacy is about speaking up for, and standing alongside individuals or groups, and not being influenced by the views of others. Fundamentally it is about everyone having the right to a voice: addressing barriers and imbalances of power, and ensuring that an individual’s rights are recognised, respected and secured.

An independent advocacy organisation only provides independent advocacy and all the activities it undertakes are about providing, promoting, supporting and defending independent advocacy. Independence means that it does not provide any other services and is structurally, financially and psychologically separate from other organisations and interests. You can find out more information about advocacy and the components of independence in the Independent Advocacy Principles, Standards and Code of Best Practice.

SIAA provides information and support to our members, gathers and distributes information, represents advocacy organisations at various levels and raises awareness and understanding of independent advocacy across Scotland. SIAA works to influence legislation, policy and practice in relation to independent advocacy.

Our members have voting rights at our Annual General Meetings.

How to become a member

Please get in touch with us by emailing or calling us on 0131 510 9410 to request a membership form.