The SIAA is a membership organisation with three categories of membership:

  • Full membership is for independent advocacy organisations and groups as described in the SIAA Principles and Standards for Independent Advocacy (2008) and the SIAA Code of Practice for Independent Advocacy (2008).
  • Affiliate 1 membership is for advocacy organisations and groups who are not independent but are in the process of becoming independent.
  • Affiliate 2 membership is for all other advocacy organisations that are part of a larger organisation.

Both Full and Affiliate members have voting rights. Membership of the Board of Directors is through election and is open to Full and Affiliate members.


Any other organisation or individual, including those organisations not established for the purposes of profit, statutory bodies, voluntary sector providers and interested individuals who are not directly involved in advocacy organisations may apply to become an Associate. They must be in agreement with the Objects of the SIAA but are not eligible for membership (as above). Associates are not members of the SIAA and do not have voting rights.

How to become a member

The SIAA Board is reviewing categories and criteria and therefore we are currently not accepting any new members.