Who this course is for and how it can be used

This document is for:

  • people who could benefit from independent advocacy so that they have a clear idea about what to expect from an independent advocacy organisation;
  • independent advocacy organisations to support them in their working practice and to offer a means by which to evaluate their practice;
  • those who commission, fund and regulate independent advocacy to ensure they have a clear understanding of what independent advocacy is, and how independent advocacy organisations should operate.

This document recognises that all independent advocacy organisations share the same principles. It has been developed to be used across Scotland, to ensure that independent advocacy is being delivered consistently and is of the highest possible standard. In this respect it has a safeguarding role, ensuring that people who access independent advocacy can have confidence in the help and support they receive.

This document also aims to safeguard independent advocacy itself by setting standards and promoting best practice, thereby helping to ensure that independent advocacy is understood, valued and effectively resourced.

These Principles, Standards & Code of Best Practice provide important foundational statements on practice. It remains the responsibility of independent advocacy organisations, commissioners and funders to put measures in place to ensure that the Principles, Standards & Code of Best Practice are adhered to. Independent advocacy organisations should have their own organisational policies and procedures that reflect this document.